What Can I Do with My Hospitality Management Degree?

To get into the management sector in the hospitality industry, you often need a university degree.

However, before you make the commitment to study hospitality management, it is beneficial to know which areas you can get involved in with this degree. The opportunities available to someone who has a degree in hospitality management are very diverse – more so than you may think.


Of the main area covered by a degree in hospitality management is the area of recreational management. Opportunities are available in the cruise ship industrym the casino industry, resorts and luxury hotel industry, with responsibilities ranging from events and entertainment management to food and beverage coordinator. This area may see you in exotic resort locations of the world.


Your local tourism board may require somebody with a degree in hospitality management to create programs that could possibly bring more people to your area, thus more revenue. Your job will be to create an atmosphere that brings visitors to your area, along with conventions and other revenue-generating projects also.

Convention work

This industry is a dynamic and vibrant part of the hospitality management field which requires thinking on your feet, the ability to organise various staff and the skills necessary to make people want to come back to your area again. You will be working with hotels that bring in large conventions every year to help organise and execute a successful convention. It would be your responsibility to call in staff help for all of those gatherings, and use your skills of creating a hospitable atmosphere will be required.