Dressing Your Hospitality Venue This Christmas

Decorating your hospitality venue, whether it be a hotel, pub or restaurant, is a given at this time of year.

Christmas trees have been put up and tinsel is adorning the fixtures, all in preparation for the 24th and 25th December. There are obvious Christmas decorations that will have been put up, but sometimes these aren’t the right ones.

So, just how do can you achieve that festive look, all the while maintaining a welcoming, timeless appeal?

The entrance

Decorating the entrance is one of the most important roles as this is what your customers are going to see first. It needs to set the scene for the inside of the venue and be welcoming.

However, this does not need to be done with an overload of decorations. A few simple accents such as soft lighting that will blend with the overall scene – this is often the most effective option.

If you are able to, lighting a log fire will create such a cosy, warm atmosphere, its dim orange glow will appear incredibly inviting from the outside of the venue, also.

Picking a theme

The hospitality industry tends to stick to adopting a rustic theme that is natural.

Often, the indoor plants and floral decorations that may be placed inside a venue are replaced with twigs, evergreens and holly will reinforce the natural theme that runs through the overall feel of Christmas.

Although, there is no limit to what colour can be used – just remember to stick to it!


Not only should you focus on the aesthetics of your venue but it is important to pay thought to the atmosphere you are setting.

Small additions such as lit scented candles on tablets and windows sills which can provide that intimate feel along with aromas of cinnamon sticks, mulled wine and orange which can put real emphasis on the warmth you’re offering.

Overall, your Christmas decorations should be a representation of your hospitality venue and embody what you’re all about.