Top Tips on How to become a Chef

If you have always loved to play in the kitchen and you could spend every day creating new recipes and culinary combinations as an adult, a career as a Chef might be the best one for you. In such a competitive industry, however, one might wonder: how can I become a successful Chef? Any successful culinary genius, from Gordon Ramsey to Jean Christophe Novelli, will tell you: there is no secret. The road to success in the hospitality industry is made of hard work, passion, stressful nights and great rewards. If you think this is the career for you, keep reading and find out how to become a successful Chef. Continue reading “Top Tips on How to become a Chef”

Top 3 reasons to work in the hospitality industry

Working in the hospitality industry holds a lot of appeal.

If it’s not the travel opportunities it brings, it might be the chance to meet and work with a variety of different people around the globe.

Hospitality requires you to work in a multi-cultural environment.

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Reasons to think about a hospitality career

Working in hospitality is a great way to make use of your people skills.

Below, we’ve listed a few reasons to think about on why to consider a career in hospitality, whether you choose to work front-of-house or behind the scenes, you could be making a great career for yourself.

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Dressing Your Hospitality Venue This Christmas

Decorating your hospitality venue, whether it be a hotel, pub or restaurant, is a given at this time of year.

Christmas trees have been put up and tinsel is adorning the fixtures, all in preparation for the 24th and 25th December. There are obvious Christmas decorations that will have been put up, but sometimes these aren’t the right ones.

So, just how do can you achieve that festive look, all the while maintaining a welcoming, timeless appeal?

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How to Get a Graduate Job in Hospitality and Events Management

We talk about how working in hospitality is incredibly rewarding, beneficial and allows growth.

When looking for a graduate role you will need to take a look the qualifications, experience and skills required.

Most of the jobs in this sector do not require a related degree and employers will recruit nearly any graduate, as long as they possess the appropriate work experience. There may be a chance that you decide you would like to work in the hospitality sector prior to applying to university, a degree in hospitality management will often include a year in the industry, thus providing you that edges when it comes to actually applying for jobs.

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Necessary hospitality skills

The hospitality industry can be a demanding one, however it is arguably one of the most fulfilling careers to be a part of.

If you are considering working within hospitality and have a particular field you have in mind, because there are many, there a number of skills that aren’t necessarily crucial for your success within your chosen field, but will help you immensely. Besides, there is a lot of time to learn if you are missing a skill.

Customer service

You will be interacting with people on a day-to-day basis, thus why is it important all of your guests enjoy their experiences.

Good customer service is all about meeting the customers’ expectations and sending them away happy.


The beauty of working in hospitality is the diverse customer base you get to meet. More often than not, there will be language barriers however it is an incredibly life skill to have – being multilingual will lead to success within hospitality because it is such an international industry.


Communication skills are the heart of working in this particular industry. You will be interacting with customers on a daily basis addressing their needs and ensuring the customer is happy. The misfortune of having an unhappy customer is often the result of miscommunication and being misinformed.

Finance management

It is important for employees to have an understanding of profitability, cash flow and tax liabilities. The understanding of financial management is the key to running a successful hospitality business.


Having an understanding of the industry you are working in is vital for your success in the industry.

Make it your aim to know and understand what your guests need and what they want by keeping up-to-date with trends, what’s happening in the news and any success stories.

Cultural awareness

Possessing this skill is extremely beneficial as you’re likely to come into contact with and will need to interact with clients from a variety of cultures.

Cultural awareness is important within any career, especially in hospitality. Keeping an open mind will help you dodge any misunderstandings that can occur as beliefs and values represent a person’s culture.

The above skills will help you go forward within the hospitality industry!

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Working in the hospitality industry

If you’re considering getting into the hospitality industry, there are many many reasons why this is going to benefit you as a person!

The hospitality industry is varied with roles, offering something different every day. There are a variety of benefits that present themselves when becoming a part of this particular industry, below are the f main reasons why a hospitality career is desirable:


Hospitality is all about variety, there is never a working day thaty is dull. There are always new challenges to be tackled, even the opportunity to travel to different places; it’s understandable how this could make you want to get up early and head to work with a spring in your step.


There will be a few times where you are thanked for the work you do which is a great motivator to continue to perform at your best. Patrons will remind you that your work is highly appreciated – beign told your work is making others happy is truly rewarding.


The industry is incredibly stable – the financial meltdown that occured in 2008/9 hit the hospitality industry, however it survived and again is flourishing as an industry.


Hospitality dabbles in creativity with constant challenges that need to be faced head-on, requiring both creative and critical thinking.

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The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is diverse
The hospitality industry is diverse

What exactly is the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry is among the widest compared with other industries. Hospitality cannot be restricted to a niche of businesses, such as why the term can be applied to nearly any business that revolves around customer satisfaction and meeting their leisurely needs, however, there are some aspects of this industry that need to be understood.

Of course, the most dominant aspect of the hospitality industry is its focus on delivering high quality customer service. It is customer satisfaction that these businesses rely on because they are based on their luxury services. Along with that particular element, is how some hospitality businesses rely on disposable income and leisure time, thus why a lot of these businesses see sales from tourists or rich sponsors.

Variety of business

A common error is hotels alone belong in the hospitality industry, while this may be true, they are only one sector within the industry. There are also many forms of transportation that cater to tourists are apart of the business world which could include niche airlines, some cruise ships and some trains.

Among the variety are areas of business such as events planning, restaurants and general tourism.

Something that hospitality industries can adopt is a theme. For example, restaurants could specialise in Mexican food or Italian food and adapt the restaurant to that style to attract those who like that particular atmosphere.

Hospitality is undeniable a broad industry but it does have defining elements that set it apart from other businesses.

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Top 6 benefits of working in hospitality

The hospitality industry is acquiring lots of attention, and rightly so.

Hospitality jobs
Hospitality jobs

Many people are considering starting a career in the industry, despite the tough hours that will need to be put in, so to succeed.
Hospitality is a worthy industry to get into, it comes along with a lot of beneficial attributes, enjoyment excluded.


Working in the hospitality industry is a great career for those who love variety and thrive off lively atmospheres.
It’s never dull with the opportunity to travel to new places and experience different cultures – waking up in the morning has never been easier.


There are many job roles out there that don’t receive any appreciation and aren’t thanked for their work.
The amazing thing about working in hospitality is being acknowledged constantly by patrons for the work that is being done for them.


Hospitality jobs are for those who value the quality of work speaking for themself.
By using initiative and following through on actions, honing a positive attitude will help you soar in your career.


The perks of working in this particular field, ensuring other people are happy and satisfied with their service, brings along a satisfying feeling to yourself.
Other people’s happiness will affect you in a positive way.


After surviving a financial meltdown in 2008/9, the hospitality industry is flourishing and thriving once again.
That situation shows how stable and robust the industry is.


Little do many know, hospitality requires a creative mind: there will be times when you are hit with constant unique challenges that will need to be faced with a strong mind and strong ideas.
Creativity and critical thinking will be needed and put to good use in this industry.

There are many more benefits to the hospitality industry than mentioned above making this field of work an exciting one!
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