Preparing for A Hospitality Job Interview

It’s safe to say that a congratulations is in order for getting an interview for your desired hospitality role.

Your CV has proven you to be a worthy candidate for the role. All that is left to do is make sure you are prepared for the day of the interview, and we’re helping you out by offering some tips below.


Prior to attending the interview, make sure you have done your research of the following:

  • Overview and backstory of the company and its brands
  • The number of employees and turnover
  • Indirect/direct competitors and their current position in the market

By having the knowledge of the above, you are showing you have interest in the company, rather than just getting the job.

Research again

Do some extra research by visiting them as a customer – it’s great fun and allows you to find out what it will be like working in that environment and, as a customer, it gives you great perspective on what is expected of you as an employee.

Pay attention to:

  • Customer service and how approachable and friendly the staff are
  • How the staff are presented
  • The cleanliness and upkeep of the venue

If there are any negatives you find, figure out ways you could improve the situation and do things differently but avoid pointing out any bad areas.

Preparation is key

Prepare as much as you can beforehand and the night of so you’re not squeezing in knowledge in the morning. This will also allow you time to iron your clothes and print off any directions you will need to get to the venue, or familiarise yourself with the route.

Looking the part

First impressions will count on how you dress for the interview; ensure you dress smart and your clothes are clean.

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