hospitality businesses expect to increase wages in 2014

Yes it’s true thanks to a recent survey from Barclays, in early Jan 2014 they had questioned more than 684 businesses in the hospitality sector, They estimate that more then 2/3rds of the hospitality sector plan to increase wages.

So is there really an increase in wages in the Hospitality Sector?

Yes it’s very true so if you work in the hospitality sector then you may expect some wage increases this year from up to 69% of the businesses. Despite the rising living costs and inflation in the UK it’s said that over half of businesses in Hospitality & Leisure sector said that wage pressure from employees is not an issue..

So does this mean Jobs could be limited in Hospitality?

Well this would usually be the question and from the Survey which was carried it out it showed that 47% of businesses said they will be planning to also increase their staff levels over the next 12 months.

What Roles will there be an increase in you might ask, luckily enough we also found this out with leisure and hospitality businesses looking to increase the amount of senior management hires to up to 27% from the previous 20% in 2013. However the amount of junior/middle and skilled levelled jobs is reported at 73% this year whereas last year it was 76%.


Here’s the result of the 2014 Hospitality & Leisure Survey;

• 46% of businesses are struggling to get sufficient skilled labour.

• 16% of businesses have taken on apprentices over the past year and 31% are looking to take on apprentices in 2014.

• 27% are likely to hire freelancers/contractors in the next 12 months with the main reason being that they are more flexible, 65%, as well as for the reason that it is cheaper, 13%.


So as you can see the start to 2014 for the hospitality and leisure sector is looking fairly promising with an increase to wages and a nice increase in hospitality jobs showing optimism within the industry.