What does each Chef Title mean?

When you decide to become a chef, you are then left with a choice of which kind of chef you would to be. If you plan to become someone that is at the top of the kitchen hierarchy then it is most likely you’ll have to work your way up to the top positions. However, what are the different kinds of chefs? And what does each chef title mean?

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Preparing for A Hospitality Job Interview

It’s safe to say that a congratulations is in order for getting an interview for your desired hospitality role.

Your CV has proven you to be a worthy candidate for the role. All that is left to do is make sure you are prepared for the day of the interview, and we’re helping you out by offering some tips below.

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Hiring in the New Year

Employee turnover is a common challenge in the hospitality industry, whether managing a restaurant or running a hotel.

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How to get a job in hospitality, leisure and tourism?

The hospitality, leisure and tourism industry has a lot to offer graduates both in the United Kingdom and abroad, and it’s still growing.

The industry covers areas ranging from accommodation and food services to health and fitness, entertainment, and clubs, bars and pubs. No matter the area you choose to pursue, there will be plenty of jobs to pick from and management opportunities.

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Reasons to think about a hospitality career

Working in hospitality is a great way to make use of your people skills.

Below, we’ve listed a few reasons to think about on why to consider a career in hospitality, whether you choose to work front-of-house or behind the scenes, you could be making a great career for yourself.

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What is Tourism & Hospitality Management?

People who are lucky enough to have a career in tourism and hospitality management provide valuable services to travellers while potentially earning significant discounts on travel and lodging for themselves.

These careers are popular because education and experience can be applied to many different types of facilities and positions, making it easy to fit into a variety of jobs in different locations.

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What Can I Do with My Hospitality Management Degree?

To get into the management sector in the hospitality industry, you often need a university degree.

However, before you make the commitment to study hospitality management, it is beneficial to know which areas you can get involved in with this degree. The opportunities available to someone who has a degree in hospitality management are very diverse – more so than you may think.

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Expect influx of Chinese visitors to UK hospitality industry, says VisitBritain

The UK hospitality industry is expected to receive an influx of Chinese tourists this month as their holiday season kicks in.

China’s week-long annual holiday ended on Friday, however, they are still expected to continue to travel outside of their country. Chinese visits to the UK have doubled over the course of the past 5 years. 2009 saw approximately 89,000 visits, whereas 2014 saw 185,000 visits. Furthermore, the seat availability on flights departing China has increased by 16% for October 2015 in comparison to this time last year.

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Upcoming trends in the hospitality industry

The times are changing within the hospitality industry, like in many other sectors. There have been discussions that the new year will be a big one for the industry.

Regardless of the hospitality business that you run, below are some of the current hospitality trends and those that are upcoming.

Healthy eating becoming firmly mainstream

Restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfasts alike are continuously adopting a healthier menu. This has come to the extent of branded ‘healthy’ establishments no longer need to market themselves that way.

There has been a rise in the disappearance of vending machines that serve junk food and have now been replaced with healthier options such as berries, quinoa and yoghurt.

Reputation management on a new scale

Online reputation management hasn’t quelled either – its importance has essentially become more dynamic as a result of the growth of platforms beyond TripAdvisor that avid travellers use to share their hotel experiences.

Hotels are urged to be aware of the following social networking platforms during their attempts to influence the conversations about their establishment online.

  • Expedia
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Yelp

Hotel booking systems

A recent study conducted by Eviivo involving 500 individuals across the UK and Ireland has found that 74% of the 500 were less likely to make a booking with B&B or hotel which was without a website. Additionally, 68% argued that the website would need to be a good one as they would be put off by a poor site.

Continuing with the statistics, 73% had made most, if not all, bookings online in comparison the measley 5% who do not book online at all.

The above findings are point towards why a decent hotel booking system is a must.

Technology dominance

We know technology is advancing, thus why we should instill the idea that customers will now expect seamless experiences across all devices and platforms.

Many large hotel chains are now allowing check-ins on mobile phones – technology innovation hasn’t been more important for the hospitality industry than ever.

Working in the hospitality industry will see many changes as we progress. See the latest hospitality jobs in the UK here.

Necessary hospitality skills

The hospitality industry can be a demanding one, however it is arguably one of the most fulfilling careers to be a part of.

If you are considering working within hospitality and have a particular field you have in mind, because there are many, there a number of skills that aren’t necessarily crucial for your success within your chosen field, but will help you immensely. Besides, there is a lot of time to learn if you are missing a skill.

Customer service

You will be interacting with people on a day-to-day basis, thus why is it important all of your guests enjoy their experiences.

Good customer service is all about meeting the customers’ expectations and sending them away happy.


The beauty of working in hospitality is the diverse customer base you get to meet. More often than not, there will be language barriers however it is an incredibly life skill to have – being multilingual will lead to success within hospitality because it is such an international industry.


Communication skills are the heart of working in this particular industry. You will be interacting with customers on a daily basis addressing their needs and ensuring the customer is happy. The misfortune of having an unhappy customer is often the result of miscommunication and being misinformed.

Finance management

It is important for employees to have an understanding of profitability, cash flow and tax liabilities. The understanding of financial management is the key to running a successful hospitality business.


Having an understanding of the industry you are working in is vital for your success in the industry.

Make it your aim to know and understand what your guests need and what they want by keeping up-to-date with trends, what’s happening in the news and any success stories.

Cultural awareness

Possessing this skill is extremely beneficial as you’re likely to come into contact with and will need to interact with clients from a variety of cultures.

Cultural awareness is important within any career, especially in hospitality. Keeping an open mind will help you dodge any misunderstandings that can occur as beliefs and values represent a person’s culture.

The above skills will help you go forward within the hospitality industry!

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