Reasons to work in a restaurant

Commis chef jobsThe hospitality sector in the professional world is a competitive place, bust it’s one of those rare professions that teaches you life lessons, that can help with your growing career as well.

1. You’ll develop a hard exterior

The restaurant environment is tough, and you’ll soon develop thick skin and essentially a hard exterior.
You’re bound to come into contact with difficult customers, but it’s a good way of training to deal with similar situations in your everyday life, by ignoring petty comments and working hard at your job.

2. You’ll learn to be respectful

Whenever working in a restaurant, even for a short period of time, you’ll have gained respect for those around you.
As whatever role you were assigned, whether it be waitress or chef, patience and trial and error are recurring factors within those roles.

3. You’ll learn to cooperate

Teamwork is a huge element when working in a restaurant, as you need to know where your colleagues are, and what they are doing so to work together as a unity, and avoid spillages.
You’ll learn to leverage this skill in the rest of your life and in you other job roles.

4. You’ll teach yourself to be disciplined

Putting aside your current needs, and addressing the situation at hand will enable you to work any job role.
You’ll be learning to work quickly, effectively and efficiently, all the while maintaining a positive attitude.
These are the types of skills every employer wants.

5. You’ll understand what it is to be a brilliant manager

In order for a restaurant to be successful, there has to be stellar management behind it.
Ensuring that your employees are working within time slots, are interacting and engaging with the customers in the appropriate manner and that they all respect one another, will surely build a healthy environment for your business.

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Hospitality hiring is on the up

With a recent surge of hospitality work becoming available in the UK, hiring is on the up.

Recruiters in the UK’s hospitality sector are to become even busier in 2014 as rates of hiring in the hospitality industry have risen in the last few months of this year. An upturn in hiring is plain to see in a survey publish by the Confederation of British Industry.

Despite the growth of hospitality jobs available to everybody nationwide, a worry for skill shortages has shined through with the new demand for staff.

According to the survey by the Confederation of British Industry, a total of 151 firms in the UK, including restaurants, bars and hotels said that their staff numbers grew strongly for the third time since last year.

The evidence of a rise in UK employment for the hospitality sector and its associated businesses comes as organisation The National Forest says it will create up to 2,000 new jobs in six years thanks to an increase in the tourism levels that the UK is bringing.

The research, which was also carried out by The National Forest, has said that the organisation expects to hire a massive total of 6,500 people in the woodland based economy by 2020, which comes as a direct result of the economic value and visitor numbers brought to the area through tourism and local naturalists.

The National Forest are also said to be providing work opportunities for both training and work preparation for young adults in their local community as well as those who suffer from employability barriers, which will both aid the National Forest and teach young adults and alike valuable work skills.

A massive 21% of growth was since in 2014 for the uprising of the hospitality sector, as jobs advertised went skyward with their figures. A total of 34,000+ jobs were being advertised for a number of hospitality businesses through the website. The year on year growth was also considerably stronger, seeing a sizeable increase of 14%, with equalled to a grand total of 126,000+ individual job postsings being listed on the site.

So, what does this mean for the hospitality industry? Is it good that more opportunies are becoming available or is it going to be difficult to fill the demand with skills workers?

Leave your ideas in the comments below!

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Looking for a job in Hospitality? Hospitality Jobs are on the Rise!

Are you looking for a job in the Hospitality Sector?

Recently here at Gateway Jobs we’ve been analyzing the Hospitality business sector very closely with the amount of people applying and jobs posted. In the UK we’ve found that there’s a steady increase in hospitality jobs including the following roles:

In many Sectors such as: 

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Conference/Business
  • Cruise Ships
  • Leisure
  • Pubs/Bars
  • Retail

An increase in Hospitality Jobs in the UK

Yes that’s right! We’ve found that towards the end of 2013 that hospitality jobs are on the increase! We have many hospitality jobs posted in many different sectors as well such as; Leicestershire, Worcester, Birmingham, London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Suffolk and many other geo locations. Due to the specialties of the different styles of cooking we have found so many unique positions become available with many work benefits, relocation packages tips and many more.

Jobs in Restaurants or HotelsHospitality Recruitment

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