What is Tourism & Hospitality Management?

People who are lucky enough to have a career in tourism and hospitality management provide valuable services to travellers while potentially earning significant discounts on travel and lodging for themselves.

These careers are popular because education and experience can be applied to many different types of facilities and positions, making it easy to fit into a variety of jobs in different locations.


Travel agents have the responsibility to book the tours, car rentals, flights and accommodations for their clients, as well as provide them with sufficient information about local customs and exhibitions. Other information provided by travel agents should be details on required passports, visas and certificates of vaccination and intercede on a client’s behalf in the event of complications.

Beyond preparing for a career in travel, those interested in tourism may also gear their education towards careers in food services, accounting, management or other areas of expertise tourism companies require. The most common careers people with tourism degrees become a part of is destination resorts or on cruise liners.

Hospitality management

Working in the hospitality management field also offers diverse career opportunities. Individuals may manage or work for a resort, hotel, motel, restaurant or spa. As there is a broad range of business that requires hospitality expertise, it isn’t necessary for an individual to live in a bustling city or tourist hotspot to find work.

Career perks

Individuals working in travel will likely receive some discounts on personal travel, possibly being presented to travel for free if they scout locations for a company or guide a tour. Those working in hospitality management could potentially receive employee discounts, or depending on their role in the company, perks such as spa treatments or hotel rooms.

Other careers in tourism, including working on a cruise ship or at a resort, may provides excitement and the opportunity to experience much of the world relatively cost effectively.