Top Tips on How to become a Chef

If you have always loved to play in the kitchen and you could spend every day creating new recipes and culinary combinations as an adult, a career as a Chef might be the best one for you. In such a competitive industry, however, one might wonder: how can I become a successful Chef? Any successful culinary genius, from Gordon Ramsey to Jean Christophe Novelli, will tell you: there is no secret. The road to success in the hospitality industry is made of hard work, passion, stressful nights and great rewards. If you think this is the career for you, keep reading and find out how to become a successful Chef. Continue reading “Top Tips on How to become a Chef”

Preparing for A Hospitality Job Interview

It’s safe to say that a congratulations is in order for getting an interview for your desired hospitality role.

Your CV has proven you to be a worthy candidate for the role. All that is left to do is make sure you are prepared for the day of the interview, and we’re helping you out by offering some tips below.

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Hiring in the New Year

Employee turnover is a common challenge in the hospitality industry, whether managing a restaurant or running a hotel.

However, below we’re sharing tips that should help the improvement of the recruitment process as hiring staff can be difficult.

Reviewing job descriptions

You’re recruiting for a dynamic industry, and it’s common for the duties performed by various restaurant and hotel staff to change over time. Before advertising any ope positions, make a point of reviewing the role, considering the required skills and experience, and updating the description accordingly.

Interview process

Often, hospitality employers will ask for too much or too little of applicants, which can lead to a poor hire. Prior to calling up candidates, create a screening process that assesses their ability to perform without going overboard.

Hospitality programs

Building quality relationships with hospitality programs and culinary schools will put you in the position of having the pick of graduates. Remember to consider mentoring promising students and offer them entry-level jobs where you are able to coach them throughout their training.

Moving through the ranks

When a position opens up in your restaurant or hotel, take a look at your current staff and consider who you believe may be ready to move up in the ranks and is ready for an increase in responsibility.

If you are recruiting, consider the following notes in the peak times for recruitment:

  • January – Annual peak in recruitment; more competition for places
  • February – Job postings drop after initial peak
  • March – Approaching the end of the financial year; accounting staff are in demand
  • April – Construction projects on the up rise; Easter means more temporary staff are needed
  • May – Consider hiring graduates
  • June – Holidays
  • July – Tourism sector will need staff for short term demand
  • August – Number of student applications decrease
  • September – Holidays goers return; recruitment rises
  • October – Autumn is the second most likely time to fill a job vacancy
  • November – Candidate interest will fall because of Christmas
  • December – Temp Christmas jobs are posted


Top 3 reasons to work in the hospitality industry

Working in the hospitality industry holds a lot of appeal.

If it’s not the travel opportunities it brings, it might be the chance to meet and work with a variety of different people around the globe.

Hospitality requires you to work in a multi-cultural environment.

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How to get a job in hospitality, leisure and tourism?

The hospitality, leisure and tourism industry has a lot to offer graduates both in the United Kingdom and abroad, and it’s still growing.

The industry covers areas ranging from accommodation and food services to health and fitness, entertainment, and clubs, bars and pubs. No matter the area you choose to pursue, there will be plenty of jobs to pick from and management opportunities.

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Reasons to think about a hospitality career

Working in hospitality is a great way to make use of your people skills.

Below, we’ve listed a few reasons to think about on why to consider a career in hospitality, whether you choose to work front-of-house or behind the scenes, you could be making a great career for yourself.

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What is Tourism & Hospitality Management?

People who are lucky enough to have a career in tourism and hospitality management provide valuable services to travellers while potentially earning significant discounts on travel and lodging for themselves.

These careers are popular because education and experience can be applied to many different types of facilities and positions, making it easy to fit into a variety of jobs in different locations.

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What Can I Do with My Hospitality Management Degree?

To get into the management sector in the hospitality industry, you often need a university degree.

However, before you make the commitment to study hospitality management, it is beneficial to know which areas you can get involved in with this degree. The opportunities available to someone who has a degree in hospitality management are very diverse – more so than you may think.

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